A Little Piece of My Story

I was not planning on sharing at the AA meeting this afternoon, however, Tom an older gentlemen that I once despised asked me to speak. I guess I could of said no, but in a way, yeah I had to get something out.
I am at a new club, the first four months I was in a different city, and now that I am back home, not everyone knows my story. So I touched on it a little, kind of formally introduced my alcoholic and drug addicted ass to the group.
I am thirty-eight years old and have been drinking and using since I was fourteen. At seventeen I was wanted for murder, at twenty-four the FEDs were looking for me. Twenty-six through thirty-one I was in prison. Got released, got my journalism degree and married over the next few years. Throughout all this time I was using and drinking. MY disease progressed, I lost jobs, houses, my family, and a small business, however everything was cool as long as I could still drink and get high.
My life came crashing down last summer, relapsed in December and now have over six straight months. That is the short and quick version of how I got here. I know it is broad, but there is no rush to get every little detail out. My primary purpose every day is to stay sober.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of My Story”

  1. AA sober for 9 years. I searched yesterday to see who blogs about sobriety. Congrats on 6 months. Living is my problem.
    Lots of my posts are written to a man I met last Aug. He relapsed after 2 years. I was trying to “sponsor” him with poetry. Madness. Ellen

    1. Very nice to meet you and congrats on nine years, yes, six months was a daily challenge after twenty three years of drinking and using. I am a journalism major with a dream of being published some day. So I started my blog to get in a routine of writing, and hopefully through time develop my own personal style. I really do like your writing, very insightful and creative….I do have poems I wrote when I was in a treatment center in 2001, and I was thinking about digging them out and posting a few…thanks for you comments….


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