No podcast, no problem, still have time for recovery!

So no podcast today.

You know we get sober and our schedule begins to fill up. Suddenly family that at one time wanted nothing to do with us, now hold responsible for daily activities that we slowly put back in our lives. The old friends are gone, they week themselves out on their own, however new friends want to hang out and catch a movie or dinner. Things while in our addiction could careless about. Opportunities surface, and just as quickly we thought our childhood dreams were gone, they couldn’t be closer. So this new way of living, still knew, yet exciting, brings joys to us and to others that we could of never imagined.

So, our day fills up quick. And today, no time for a podcast, and I almost did not blog. However throughout this new life of sobriety, the most important activity of the day must not be forgot. For if not for our sobriety, our new lives would not be possible. And without our sobriety, within days, for some of us hours, our lives can go right back to the misery and addiction that recycled every twenty-fours that brought us to our knees.

So, no podcast today, however still sober, still grateful and still sobriety comes first, even if I don’t have time to record!

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