My goal today is to stay sober.

You know its funny, the more I say I am going to blog more the less I do. I guess a part of that is everyday I add to my sobriety is a day that opportunities present themselves in my life. But you know the crazy part is, the longer I stay sober, the easier it is to tell myself or ask myself rather, “Was it really that bad?”
My disease, my addiction tells questions my sobriety as if really needed?
So twenty months sober, I tell myself, “I don’t need a meeting today, Im good.” And that’s how my mind works. After all that has come back in my life and all my fortunes no matter how big or small, my disease of addiction tells me to stop working my program of recovery.
And that’s the discipline of sobriety. Well, part of it. I have to remember that sobriety is what I wanted, nearly two years ago. I wanted this, for me, no one else. And that is key to my recovery working on a daily basis. This is the life I asked for, a sober one.
And yeah, there some stuff I wish I could do and there is people I wish I could hang out with. However, I know that would not such a good idea and would open the door to relapse.
Im grateful today that I wake up every morning accepting and admitting that I am an addict. And when I put my daily goal, of just staying sober just for today it takes the pressure off life, and makes life easier to handle. And that’s the thing, I can handle life as it comes good or bad, and I don’t have to use or drink over it.