I can guarentee one thing in sobriety!

I heard a guy in a meeting once say, “If you stay sober long enough, you will relive your life over, sober, I guarantee it.”
It’s been my experience so far, 21 months sober, that the statement rings true, if you stay sober long enough.
Feeling and experiencing emotions that I had not felt since a kid, good or bad, is a pretty cool deal. Not drinking or using over it is even better.
I am convinced that mentally, that we get to a point in our sobriety that we do go back to the point when we started using and drinking to cover up feelings that we didn’t want or know how to deal with. So in a sense, at 39, I’m mentally growing up again.
I think with given time in sobriety, one can look back and figure out somethings. Maybe what the true root of our addiction without even trying. And the exciting, cool part of it is that it just comes to us, again, if we stay sober long enough.
I can be driving, and a thought, a flash, a memory comes to me from my childhood, maybe a missing part of my past that makes a lot things suddenly make sense, or a story that I remembered one way, but it really happened anther way. Its like our brains clear up and for the first time, well for me two decades, it functions without toxins.
I dont know, its some new and weird stuff for me. And what I do know, the key is to keep doing what ever kind of recovery your doing, on a daily basis, no matter what. Spirituality, sobriety, balance, meditation, exercise, taking action and applying sobriety and recovery to all our daily affairs, on good or bad days however you define them, will get you there. That, I guarantee!

Im grateful to be here, and grateful to share!


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