One tip that helps me stay sober!

Hi everyone, happy Thursday!

So here’s one thing that helps stay sober. Its really easy, but hard to do, if that makes sense. (Which it doesn’t!) Best part it’s free and anyone can do it. However it’s often overlooked.

It’s the power of listening.

I’ll be honest. I get tired of “meetings.” I get tired of the same ole story I hear in “meetings” as well. More often than I liked to admit, I am simply just going through the motions of my daily recovery when I attend support group meetings for addiction or whatever. And that’s ok. At least I’m doing something for my sobriety, rather than doing nothing.

However today I really listened.

There was a young girl who shared, who stated, “she just came back in” and “and everything is still really bad out there using and drinking.” I’m a little over two years sober and what that lady said is gold to me. And should gold to you too. Because there are days I fill like going back out. There are days I feel like giving up everything I have worked for, just for a drink or drug. I’m addict. So I quickly forget the misery and helplessness that brought me into recovery.

So even if you’ve heard the same ole, same ole a million times, try listening once in awhile it could save your life!

Keeping it Sober,


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