How’s it going everyone!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, so it’s been a crazy week working on the new site and podcast! I’ve spent the last two days linking the blog and site up along with adding social media and email list people can become a part of to receive information regarding new blogs and podcast that are out.

So what’s the site about? Well I wanted to do something special and informative. How this whole thing of sobriety works is that we share our story to help others. So I wanted to create a site where stories can be shared through blog, video, podcast and even e-books.

However I do have a focus on finding our purpose. I believe we all had a purpose before drugs and alcohol derailed us from our path. Now the challenge is to look back and find that purpose, which I believe strongly can be done. Although the time might have passed us for whatever our purpose was, at least we can  have some closure in knowing. And as you all know, the addicts mind is like a bank robbery, 3 minutes in and out, and never go alone!

So the site is about half way done, and like a true addict I launched it

I just turned 40, this might be a mid-life crisis!
I just turned 40, this might be a mid-life crisis!

before it was ready, but that’s just how we roll!!

Keep it Sober friends!


One more thing, you can follow “keepingitsober” on Instagram!!!!!! Have a great weekend!

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