Six cups of coffee

So I woke up the other morning with my bank account in the negative even before I took my first sip. Even sober, I can overdraft like a “pro!” I bitched at the bank long enough, (because nothing is ever my fault!) and they gave me a one-time courtesy, removed over a hundred dollars in overdraft fees! And I thought I wasn’t a salesman!

Moving on I spent around five hours, after giving myself a hour and a half limit, on configuring a wordpress plugin with my audio host. Went to bed pissed! However this morning, not really figuring out the problem, but I changed audio host which is now going to cost me five bucks a month from free, but now everything works!

Tomorrow is Saturday, which is my Monday for work. I am broke for two more weeks (but my bills are paid)  already and I’m on my sixth cup of the day. Probably why I’m blogging! And even though this post had no real purpose or value, just wanted to say have a great and sober weekend! Through myself made chaos, I did manage to record my first podcast episode that will be out late next week, so I was a little productive!

Keep it Sober ya’ll!!!!!


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