Definition of Insanity: Mowing your own lawn!

Hey everyone, so my first “Keeping it Sober” podcast is out! I put a special custom link on the navigation menu that will take you directly to the podcast page on my sister site, But first:

Insanity is mowing your own lawn!!
Insanity is mowing your own lawn!!

I finally broke down. I mean, in my disease I did a lot of labor jobs. Like hauling junk, mowing lawns and residential stuff I could do high and drunk. So now I get sober, and now I’m all picky! What once use to be the best kept lawn on my block, (thanks to meth), is now a maybe once mowed, every three months. And the problem, in case you hadn’t kept up with the national weather lately, it has rained a ton in south Texas! Problem number: the wife. (I say that with gratitude, not sarcasm!) However I refuse to pay someone for something I can do, at least every three months. But today was different. I was trying to get this podcast out, tomorrow I leave out of town, my wife was in one ear, and my pride in another! So I forked out 80 bucks. And I lived.

It was actually completely worth it. There is nothing like having your own lawn guy. I truly believeĀ  being able to pay someone to do your lawn, in sanity, and also in the “Promises!”

Forgive me rushing through this, but I did my fifteen minute gym work out a little while ago and my typing is like pulling teeth!

Also, this first podcast is for you! It was really a challenging process from the idea to actual finished product. So I hope you enjoy, get a lawn guy, have a great weekend and keep it sober!!!


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