Are drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms dangerous?

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Yesterday I spoke with a man who has been drinking heavily for a long time. As a result he is very sick. His liver is distended, he can’t keep down food and he is urinating blood.  When he tries to reduce the amount of drinks, his body reacts violently.   He said he wants to stop drinking. Can he just abruptly stop? No. Detoxing from alcohol is very dangerous. It is safer for him to be admitted into a medically supervised treatment program (rehab).

I realize that this story might sound crazy, scary and strange but It’s not unusually for me to meet people like this. That is because my personal recovery program, puts me in situations in which I meet a lot of alcoholics and addicts.

Yesterday, there was a court ruling that upheld the subsidies under ObamaCare that are provided by the government to offset the cost of buying insurance. Health Insurance policies…

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