Back From Tucsan, Arizona

So I had really great time in Tucsan, Arizona and can’t wait to get the Podcast out. Hopefully this weekend I will get time to record. I have really cool story to tell on “making amends.” In which my cast is to my 18 year old daughter. So that Podcast should be out hopefully early next week.

In other news, I had crazy intense “relapse dream” last night. I woke up in a cold sweat and actually thought I had relapsed. I had to move my arm over and touch my wife before I realized it was only a dream. However it was so real, and the worst dream ever! All part of the deal, I guess.

I also wanted to show you this amazing picture that my daughter took of the mountains that surround Tuscan actually on fire! From what I hear the fire is out, but it’s actually a beautiful site!

Tonight I’m back at work, I got a brutal schedule coming up but all worth it. I just going to have to work with what I got and try to get these Podcast

Tucsan, Arizona
Tucsan, Arizona

out in between here and there!

Take care and keep it sober!


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