12 Steps of Conquering Codependency – Step One

Really inspiring blog post! Have a great and sober weekend friends!

Caterpillar To Butterfly

824-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Quote-Faith-is-taking-the-first-step-evenI’ve been a little disconnected from writing lately and to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure why.  Writers block, busy after work, or just plain laziness….there’s no shame there, I’ll tell you guys the truth LOL!

It’s time I get my keyboard fired up again and crank out some recent ideas that I’ve had for my readers.

I’ve had it on my mind lately to share the 12 steps of conquering codependency.  I completed the faith-based 12 step program a few months ago at my church and it has truly changed how I relate to people and situations.  It also required me to take a long hard look at myself.  I think everyone could benefit from a 12 step program, in my opinion.

I watched my mother go through the 12 steps as a recovering alcoholic.  I never thought as a codependent I’d need one.  Boy, was I wrong.  Each…

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