Addiction – there is an app for that.

This a great article, I had no idea that Recovery Apps existed!

800 Recovery Hub Blog

Drug Addiction and Recovery Apps are very popular right now. There are so many to choose from — it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I rounded up a small list – the focus in on the recovery of alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders, mental illness and gambling.

The Alcohol Use Predictor

This app is designed to be a screening tool. People can use it to screen their behavior for risk of alcohol dependence and harm. If the results indicate you are at risk (for an alcohol problem) it is strongly “suggested” you seek help.

Alcohol Abuse App Alcohol Abuse Predictor – click the photo to go to the app.

This company is also coming out with depression and anxiety apps. This is only available for Android right now. But don’ worry iPhone users, you can check out the next suggestion on the list.


Designed for accountability, recoveryBox is an IOS app tool “set” that facilitates tracking of…

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