10 Things That Kept Me Sober In 2015

So to make this fun I literally wrote down the first 10 things that came to mind regarding my sobriety in 2015. The real challenge was writing “why’ those 10 things kept me sober, without changing what I wrote down!


10. Breaking Bad– I just like the way the two words sound right next to each other.

9. My Wife– She has supported me since day 1.

8. Working Detox– Watching people stubble in broken, hopeless and lost reminds me of how fast my life can go back to that.

7. Meetings- I’ve never heard of anyone going to “to many” meetings and relapsing.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

6. The Fear of Losing all my Teeth- Either by falling out or by passing out and smashing my face into the concrete.

5. My Dogs– Sometimes I think my boys are friends that have passed away and now are back to watch over me.

4. My Parents– No way I would be here with out them.

3. Facebook…NOT- Discovering the “stop seeing their post” button but “stay friends” was the best discovering of 2015.

2. My Podcast/Blog– It’s free therapy.

1. My Higher Power– Giving me strength and purpose to stay sober.

Wishing everyone a safe and sober New Years and to new challenges in 2016!

-Keeping it Sober

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2 thoughts on “10 Things That Kept Me Sober In 2015”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am on Day 2 and hoping I will be able to write a post similar to this one at the end of 2016. I have already started adopting #3…Also thinking of getting off social media completely for a month or two but I might need to go to a meeting for that as well. “Stop seeing their post” seems easier!

    1. Congrats on day 2! I know it’s hard, break down your to hours, or even minutes if you have to. Just get through this next minute sober! I got off FB in early recovery, and I actually took the app off my phone as well. Have a great day, Happy New Years and thanks for reading!


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