Don’t Drink Today And Come Back Tomorrow.

So a few things as my little Kenny Boy keeps barking in my ear to take him out!

The January Keeping It Sober Newsletter is out. If you haven’t signed up, you can at the website. Speaking of, I just finished remodeling it! If you get a chance go browse around and let me know what you think.

Also, I really would appreciate your help with a quick survey I put together. It’s completely anonymous, and it helps me create better content for you. Instead of guessing what to write, with your answers I can produce content of value for you and that’s why the survey is important to me and you! Thanks in advance!

Here’s the link to the survey.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your week and like always, don’t drink today and come back tomorrow!


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6 thoughts on “Don’t Drink Today And Come Back Tomorrow.”

  1. I appreciate and am glad for anyone that can stay sober and have a good life. But as to the title of this post, my question is always the same: if I could choose not to drink today why would a need to attend any group? Why wouldn’t I just not drink? What is the great revelation in just not taking a drink today? If o could do that, then I wouldn’t be an alcoholic; id be someone who was ‘acting out’ by drinking.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!
      So I was picking up my 3 year chip last Wednesday, and after I shared, I ended with, “Don’t drink today, and come back tomorrow,” for the new comers that were in the meeting on day 1. So I decided to use that for my title.
      For me, it’s not enough just not to drink. 3 years ago I stopped drinking and I was completely miserable, even more so than i was drinking. It was not until I started changing my life that things got better.
      It’s still a challenge daily, for me not to drink. I still need meetings, why would I stop doing what got me sober after 23 years of using and drinking?
      Meetings work.


      1. I’m sorry it’s still a challenge for you not to drink. God bless you. The message that had weight for me was that I didn’t have to live that way. There was no way I would want a drink and not eventually have one. For me, it had nothing todo with how I felt whenever. It had to do with that I was an alcoholic and that’s it. AA told me That I could recover. And that’s what happened when I gave up completely. God bless you.

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