The Dreaded Dental Appointment

So I am dreading this dental appointment I have in about half and hour. Not the actual cleaning, however just appointment itself. The office I go to always tries to get me scheduled in for this or that, and I like my Fridays free of appointments of any kind. I guess it’s still hard for me to say no, maybe a sign of codependency, or always worried that random people who I have absolutely no connection with will not like me.

I always think as well, can they tell I was an addict when they look at my teeth, or when my doctor looks up my nose on my regular check-up’s. There is always that bit of silence, during the examine when I wonder, “Can they tell, and if they can, what are they thinking?”

Remember everyone, our addiction, disease, vice or whatever you call it does not take a break for the weekend, keep doing what your doing no matter what!!

Have a good one!



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One thought on “The Dreaded Dental Appointment”

  1. Totally. Addicts are way too self absorbed, been living a life of self centeredness. It can take a bit before we realize the only thing different about us is that we couldnt stop using and used to the exreme.
    So to wonder if people can tell we were an addict is no different than all the worry BS everyone else thinks about in their own self centeredness.

    I am an addict because i couldnt control my using, not because im essentially different in thinking than any other human. Once we realze this, then we truly do become freed from addiction. So long as i seek ‘not me’. I never need worry about using again. Thanks !

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