Let The Day Unfold, Until 7, At Least

I am truly grateful for Saturday morning’s like this. I remember in early sobriety, stepping out my sober home front door and relaxing on the porch taking the beautiful sunshine in. Nothing to stress about and only responsibility was to get to the next meeting, sober.

As recovery moves on, things change, life changes. We’re sober now! We walk with a new found confidence and smile, we are trusted, we are friendly we are brand new! My life filled up quick once I was able to maintain my sobriety. Jobs, new hobbies, new friends and such forth. Suddenly five minutes basking in the Saturday morning rays was too time consuming.

Grateful & Blessed!
Grateful & Blessed!

“I have no such time to be grateful!”

Suddenly I wake up and my mind and body is on strict routine and schedule of my own creation. Every second is planned out, every minute I suppose to be somewhere or be typing something. Literally five steps away from this keyboard, I can be outside being grateful.

Today I am going to let the day truly unfold! No schedules, no routines, no scheduled post of any kind, just me and the wind!

Well, of course until 7pm, when I have to go into work!


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