First Blog Post of 2017

So the first week of 2017 went well. I set some work and play boundaries and life is flowing along great. I’m staying under 40 hours a week, I hit the gym three times for a little 15 minute work out and I wrote every night this week even if it was just one sentence. I took the Facebook, Amazon and Ebay apps of my iphone and kept my budget. I think the real test will come tonight and tomorrow. Those are the days that I plan to do “nothing!” Sounds easy right? Well, if you could see the ideas running through my head right now. I should finish that book, paint the garage, record a podcast, or write a book and a podcast about painting the garage! Maybe I should sell all the technology devices we don’t use anymore on Ebay, maybe I should bid on something, or maybe I should bid on my own auctions! To sit and do nothing is a huge challenge for me. And I don’t know what would make me crazy more, the challenge of doing nothing, or the million little tasks I schedule myself between now and Saturday morning. Maybe I need some type of direction all the time. And structure, maybe people like me can’t be alone with myself. I know on thing, once I hit publish on this blog…

….let the games begin!

Have a sober weekend everyone!


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3 thoughts on “First Blog Post of 2017”

  1. I find I’m more on the creative side and I have a really hard time with structure! I’m all over the place and easily distracted and have no problem stopping something that I’m in the middle of and moving onto something else. Luckily for me I work in a job that requires that 🙂 I’ve also learnt to just “go with the flow” on days that I think I’m going to have a nice quiet day to myself because who knows what will pop up! Hope 2017 is an amazing one for you!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! And sometimes I just let my mind roll especially if I’m writing, thanks for reading! I also have a podcast out on iTunes or, have a great weekend!!!

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