What Would You Tell The Addicted You?

There’s this guy in group that shared about his nephews’ drinking problem.

The mother said, “He’s out of my house for good…after I get back from my vacation.”

We had fifteen people this morning, everyone sober to my knowledge. All walks, age, gender and race. However no one, not even me could give a direct answer to the guy with the drunk nephew looking for advice. I mean, the guy understands himself, we cant get anyone other than ourselves sober but how do you even get someone to listen? I know I never listened, to anyone. I would like to think that the nephew shouldn’t have to go through 20 years of addiction to finally come to some profound moment in his miserable existence that he is finally tired. I mean there is more help today for people addicted to drugs and alcohol than ever right? We shouldn’t have to lose everything. We shouldn’t have to come to an end of our life only to grab and hold on to a little tiny piece of hope, and let it carry us to some weird meeting or group.

If the sober you, could go back and speak with the “Day 1” or the “Active Disease” you, what would you say? Would you tell yourself not to be scared, or that you know for a fact that everything will be better? Or would you just give yourself support and let “Day 1” you figure stuff out on their own?

Whatever your answer, that may be the thing to tell this guy’s nephew, before he waste the next 20 years of his life!

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4 thoughts on “What Would You Tell The Addicted You?”

  1. In my case I wasn’t going to make any changes until I was finally ready, even I couldn’t have got through to my drinking self until I got so fed up I was ready to listen. That seems to be a repeating story throughout most sober blogs I’ve read. Sadly it also usually involves some sort of rock bottom – sometimes higher, sometimes lower. I wish somebody had known the magic words that would have made it happen for me earlier, I wish I knew the words that would help other people to get to that stage too. Sorry that’s probably not that helpful but I hope things turn out okay for the young man involved. Best wishes.

    1. So true. I always for the right words or sentence to tell someone when they ask how did you get sober. But the frustrating truth is, that we can only decide that for ourselves. I think the best we can do is listen and share our experience!

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