Don’t like what you see, change the view!

Our normal view!

I drive myself crazy trying to control and change everyone and everything around me. Even in recovery, trying to change the world around you can get exhausting, not to mention dangerous for us in recovery. The stress of trying to control others action but not being able to can lead us to relapse. However like everything in my life, I finally got tired of it and took action.

I finally realized that I cant control anyone but me, and controlling is a huge part of my addictive behavior. So instead of wasting God’s pure energy that he gave us on trying to change everything and everyone, I simply started to change my perception of things by taking another view.


Here’s an example. I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy when I see the recycle bin in our house overfilled. It’s like I’m the recycle bin police and my job is to make sure not an inch of recyclables better cross that fill line or else!!! So finally getting tired of wasting my limited precious moments of the day on stress, aggravation and control I decided to change my view of things. So now instead of being upset that my household does not revolve around my recycle bin morals, I look at the bin and tell myself, “how nice it is to have a family who is mindful of our environment and loves to recycle.” Or, “my family did their job in recycling, now I get to help out by taking it to the outside recycle bin.”

Our new view!!!!!!!

This is just a small example of how to look at things with a different perspective in effort to having a better overall day. However imagine the many “big things” we can change our view on to make difference in other people’s lives as well.

I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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4 thoughts on “Don’t like what you see, change the view!”

  1. Oh my Goodness can I relate to this! I have 3 of my four daughters living with me, and not a single one of them can put a roll of toilet paper on the roller. Drives my bonkers! They are pretty good at doing nothing else around the house either, but this one gets me the most! Their lack of assistance around the house, no matter how much I ask, is about 90% of the reason I spend so much time in bed. If I don’t see it, it can’t upset me…

    1. ahh yes! I feel your frustration!!! Some views or perception of things can be very challenging at first, but once we able to create change it gets easier! Try instead of being upset, when you go talk with your girls about changing the roll, look at it as an opportunity to take a moment with your girls!!!!!!!! the topic doesn’t matter!!!

  2. I love your new perspective! It can be difficult but if we focus on the blessings and not the problems life seems to change (actually we change but we think life does)!

    1. You’re so right! It’s all about changing ourselves! I got to a point where I just got tired of all thinks negative in my life so I started to make small changes that make a huge difference on a daily basis….thanks for reading and sharing!

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