Puppies Filled with Heroin, the Homeless w/Pets & Totally Addicted Radio

I don’t know why I am more likely to give money to a homeless person if they have a pet. In a recent article by the Fix.com, it reported that “liquid-heroin” was implanted into puppies headed for the United States.

Pete and I go into the discussion on Wednesday’s Totally Addicted Radio Show, and it didn’t take long for the conversation to redirect to the increase of “people who appear to be homeless” having pets beside them, as if the “pet” was the sign itself stating, “please help.”

In San Antonio, Texas, I recently witnessed a lady who leaped-frogged her way though traffic to reach a homeless person and their dog. The good Samaritan had a plastic bag, which revealed food for the dog first, then food for the owner of the dog.

My question is, if the dog wasn’t there, would the person giving the food, still make the same effort?


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