Let’s talk politics!

In addiction I could care less about who was running for office. My number one priority everyday was to seek and destroy. In early sobriety the challenge was voicing when life became too much, on a daily basis. It was like I could only do so much during any given day. My wife would ask what I thought of this or that for the weekend plans. I literally would shut down, and reply, “I’m just trying to get through this next moment with drinking.” I would say this with sarcasm but the reality was, I was hanging on to dear life, between my meetings. So, politics wasn’t exactly a hot topic during those years, until now.

Why now? Who the fuck knows! Maybe it’s because I’m old, I have a two-year old, I have time to kill during my two hour commute to work and back everyday. All I know is that this election year will be historic and amazing. “The most amazing election year ever!”

I’ve been watching and listening from the left and the right. For some reason up until the past month or so, I’ve considered myself a Democrat. However, understanding terms like socialism, progressives, and liberals; along with what the Republicans support versus what the left support, I do declare I am not a Democrat.

Now let’s not get crazy, I’m not exactly volunteering at the local Republican headquarters, but I am taking a stand, or using my voice. The reason why this is important is because at the root of my disease, not speaking up in fear of people not liking my opinion, is one of the reason I drank and used drugs. I was uncomfortable, so I changed the way I felt, with substances.

So whichever way you sway, let’s start a conversation. I dare you.