The Summer Grind…In Addiction Recovery

So I got inspired to write by another blogger. She’s back at “day 1” again. I think that’s how I have been feeling lately. Like “day 1.” Lately I’ve been grinding. Me and my coffee, are on the grind. Haven’t been to a meeting in over a week, closer to two, (that’s like a death sentence to this addict). I have not talk to my sponsor nor a member of the fellowship. Haven’t connected to my higher power in a few days and no service work. Yup, I’m grinding.

It’s just the “silence” lately has been driving  crazy. The fact that my life isn’t crazy is driving me crazy. Everything is great in my life, and it’s driving me crazy. So I grind away. I grind, and grind. And grind some more.

The need to self-implode saturated my finger tips. It waters my mouth. It races my mind. The need to compulsively and physically to make a move eats at my stomach. And eats. And eats.

However, this isn’t my first rodeo. I know it’s my disease. I know what will happen if I use or drink. So the only thing I’m doing right, during the “grind” is the only thing I need to do perfect. And that’s not doing anything.

Keep grinding my friends,


5 things to help you stay sober…

Five things that helped me stay sober in early sobriety:

One of the challenging parts of our journey in recovery is when we find ourselves “days in” sobriety. Our bodies and minds are in a physical and mental shock. We have a tornado of thoughts and emotions spinning off in our mind pushing us to take some type of action. Anything to make the unfamiliar reality we find ourselves in just go away. At this point we usually pick up and use or drink. However here are five things that I did (out of the many!) that helped me “hold on” in early sobriety.

1. Journal, which is blogging the old fashion way
2. Make the decision, not to make any decisions.
3. Do nothing. For the first time in your life, do nothing and “hold on.”
4. Stay off the phone and social media, (except for this blog!).
5. Priorities. This actually should be first on the list.

For an added bonus, here’s five more!

1. Don’t picture your life without drugs and alcohol, just picture your life.
2. Go to some type of support group, even if it kills you!
3. Make a commitment to change, because that what it’s all about!
4. Pick one person to be accountable too, preferably not your dealer!
5. Have a plan, if you don’t prepare, then you prepare to fail!

This is really good stuff! Look out later this week as I start to break down all ten things that helped me stay sober with personal stories from my own recovery!

Keeping it sober,


Keeping a journal in early sobriety can be used as a great tool later on!
Keeping a journal in early sobriety can be used as a great tool later on!

Keeping it Sober

IMG_0572[1]Hello and welcome everyone, I am so excited today! I have an amazing story to share with you! First allow me to thank everyone was has been following my blog for the past two years. I started this blog in 2013 when I got out of treatment for the third time! If anything just for therapeutic reasons of writing and journaling. However two years later still going, the time has come to make it really powerful and reach its full potential.
So a little housekeeping. Over the next week or so I will be experimenting with new themes and plugins. Probably will be transferring it over to as long as I do not lose my followers. So excuse the mess while in efforts to make something really special for all you, because I know first hand, recovery and sobriety takes a lot of hard work.
So I have so much to share about my journey in sobriety. After using and drinking for 23 years I thought my life was over, however I had no idea that my life was just beginning!
So thanks again, your following and commenting on what I share is so much appreciated! I promise you success together, not only in sobriety but in life!

Keeping it Sober,

JR Valdes.

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Financial Debt in Sobriety :(

One of the things I struggled with after I got sober was financial amends. One of the first things or steps rather when transitioning back in life is putting the pieces back together of all the wreckage I had done. Like sobriety, this is a process and can not be done in one day. Or in my case, years.
So, I’m sober, I worked the steps, back with the family and I finally get a second to look over all my debt, which before I could careless about, however now I do want to start paying off. And it took me 2 years in sobriety to say to myself, “Ok, I want to start paying off my debt.”
So even getting to this point and looking at all the credit cards, utilities, cell phone bills, cable and Internet defaults can extremely overwhelming. Especially when you have you have your other daily, weekly and monthly fixed cost. So here are a few tips that I gathered that might help relieve the stress.

1) Your Sobriety. Make sure its solid. Make sure you are doing the daily deal and keeping up your recovery. Make you sure you understand your sobriety comes first, and I like hold in my back pocket the fact, that if worst comes to worst, all I need to do today is stay sober.

2) It would be a great idea if you had a steady job! I would not recommend trying to pay the world off with your first check. Get to a point where you can spare the extra cash, which takes us to our next tip.

3) Priorties. This is huge. So you have your debt, your regular bills, and you have .45 cents in your bank account. What do I pay off first? Well. priorities say, take care of yourself and your family first. Build up a little savings. Make sure you have the money for your bills first, then savings, then the left over can go towards whatever. There is no sense in being completely broke, it just ads stress. Your debt is going no where, remember as long as we are making a sincere effort, its all good!

4)What bill to pay first? If you like me, during my addiction I racked up over a dozen bills of debt. And let me add I am currently no where near clearing my debt. So how do I pick whats first? If I have the money to pay off an entire bill I do it. If not, I pick the largest and set up payments however during that period, I do not pay anything else off. Or you could pin the bills up on the wall and throw darts!

So this just my experience, this isnt set to stone. Basically find you way and get it done. However you absolutely have to keep your sobriety first or the rest of it really doesn’t matter.