Friday already??

Word up! WordPress peeps! (say that 5 times in a row!)

This week flew by fast! It was a great five days, I really moved my two ‘scripts Im working on forward, and hit up a lot of good meetings!

…and its Easter already!

Have a great Friday, and have a better Easter!

…stay sober, stay classy!



from; Moving Forward…..

journey(Moving Forward)

Step six and seven. Truly letting go of my past and defects. Making my road to recovery and connection with my higher power as clear as it has ever been for the first time in my life. Truly moving forward in my life and sobriety. I have held on tight to this point, now its time to let go and completely trust in my higher power to lead me, as if for not, I am wasting valuable drinking and using time.

JR Valdes

Sobriety: so much more than just not drinking and using!

So at fifteen months in sobriety I finally realize that its not all about me! I’ve always felt that my disease is special. That my addiction is unique. I’ve always felt that my story is this amazing book, filled with exciting antidotes that only I lived to tell about. This amazing product that tells the secret of living sober! And, well, its not. Not even close. For the past twenty-three years it has been all about me and letting go of that mentality takes work.
Accepting that I’m not the only one living in sobriety has opened my mind more to the fellowship of my recovery and translates over to meeting new sober friends and listening to stories in recovery, not just obsessing over mine.
It feels good, not rolling my eyes in a meeting because I think my story is better than the person sharing. I’ve been humbled, and that’s a huge step forward in my sobriety.

Sobriety, no matter how you work your recovery, is so much more than just not drinking and using. Its about living sober, moving forward, and taking you life back, one breath at a time. And it takes a lot of work.

The “TIme is Now!”

I finished my first 5k today, it felt really good. It wasn’t one of those deals where you say, “if you would of told me two years ago Id be finishing a 5K, I would of told you that you were crazy, but it was a dream accomplished, and I admit, a small tear formed in my left eye, however I held it back as I crossed the finish line. I did something today that I have never done, other than the 5K, I set a goal, and accomplished it rather than create excuse after excuse not run it or at least try.

“The time is now,” to stop putting things off and start doing!medal


I usually try to blog on Monday’s however, I’m going to be really busy this week with soccer practice, the finishing touches on a remodel job, and the daily responsibilities of a husband, father and starving writer! So, I’m gonna cheat a little to help things run smooth this week while I keep up my weekly writing habits. Which beings me too:

Is it just me, or is your attention span like way, way short. If I see more than two-hundred words on a post, I do not even bother with reading it. I think blogs should be quick, clever, interesting or informative. Pretty much the exact opposite of mine! The Internet is just so, this very second, its like I don’t have the time to read more that four or five hundred letters!

I don’t know, maybe its just me, maybe I just have nothing else to write about!


The spot between winter and spring:

…and there I was, holding a red weenie dog with my left arm, while my right, was holding on to red collar of Colt, who was stuck half-way through the black iron front door gate. Colt’s head, two front legs and half his body on my drive-way concrete while the rest of his body in the den. I was crunched down on one knee with Kenny barking crazy at the stray dog on our yard.
I am not sure exactly what choice I made over the past several hours or even days for that matter, that ended me stuck holding my two boys, however I know its pretty sick that my first thought was, I wish I had my phone so I could take a picture of this ridiculous situation.
“Karma,” who was I ugly to the last forty-eight hours which obviously came back around to kick me in the ass this morning. Sometimes I think I am in hell, which my wife says I’m headed.
Now that the hamster in my brain is awake, good afternoon, its a beautiful day here in San Antonio, Texas. The sun peeking in and out, while the super light drizzle has gone away.

The Spot Between Winter and Spring.

Birds laughing,
Strays straying.
Grass growing,
Cars driving.

Sun flickering,
clouds jogging.
Air breathing,
leaves dancing.

Sidewalk creeping,
tires screeching.
Moms’ yelling,
Sirens belching.

Keys jiggling,
Stops signs stopping.
Doors shutting,
Engines Roaring.

My hoods awake,
give or take.
No time to waste,
Late people, late.

Horns honking,
Frogs jumping.
Cats purring,
Dogs barking.