Intervention: Show Number: Whatever!

news_generic_interventionSo I’ve been watching recorded shows of, “Intervention” and it never fails. The person decides to get help, (trigger tear jerking music), then swept away to some resort in a “galaxy” far, far, away! Seconds later, they do like a 90 day follow up interview where the person is so so so thankful for their new found life and “in-debt” to the counselor for ever and ever. Then the screen go black:

Two days later Kamisha leaves the treatment center and relapse. Whereabouts unknown.

It baffles me on what goes on in the mind of an addict, the next 48 hours! And it happens every freak’in show! I don’t know, I see clients all the time leave the treatment facility and we get a call back hours later that they’ve already relapsed. I know I shouldn’t be shocked!

I just want to know, what (as staff, and an addict myself) we could have done different?  Clearly we’re missing something.

Either way, have a great weekend, “Keep it sober,” and If you haven’t listened to my podcast go check it out if you get a second!


If you stay sober long enough, you will run into yourself

     My sports show was canceled two days ago. Honestly, it felt pretty good. I walked away from it two weeks ago, and to hear it was canceled only validated my decision. It might be the single best decision I have made since being sober. And I like to think, that it was canceled because I left. Even though that might not be the case, it just sounds better. Besides, podcasting is the future of radio, just say’in.

   However that is not what brings the tips of my fingers to the keyboard today. I saw myself, yesterday. Like the literal, exact, addict-self who couldn’t stop no matter what.

Part 1:

I never work days at the center, however some financial changes prompted me to pick up some overtime at work. So I picked up a 7-3pm shift, which is really another world compared to always working nights.

The morning humidity added to the already aggravating morning I was having caused by a lack of sleep the night before. I didn’t take enough Seroquel to last me the extra shift. So my mind never really shut off the night before causing me extreme restlessness.

So working days compared to nights is a completely different animal. For example, at night, I stay inside the nurse’s station a lot all the clients are asleep, as to during the day staff has to be on grounds at all times. There is also no management at night. You are your own boss. However during the day, you rack up around ten counselors, plus directors of this and directors of that and directors of directors! During the night, your radio never goes off. It’s just you. Now that I think of it, I have no idea why I caring the extra weight at night. But just like everything else, during the day the radio doesn’t shut-up!

“We need a male RA up at detox to assistant with a client, please,” the radio shouted! (I threw in the word please).

“I’m on my way!” Anytime, and I mean anytime in life, you get a chance to drive a little white golf cart, you take it!

My motives, of course were ulterior. A few weeks right after the thunder storms that ravished through South Texas, a baby deer was found wandering on the property right next to ours. The clients and I started feeding it apples and slices of bread and it eventually started eating right our of our hands. So figuring upper management would probably not be to impressed with all the clients food we were feeding, “Challenge,” that’s my name for her, I went and bought a bag of deer feed. (you haven’t lived until you have walked into a grocery store and ask, where do you keep the deer feed, and the clerk point you to aisle eight!). So going up to detox meant feeding Challenge, and since I don’t smoke, that’s kind of my cigarette break.

So I filled up the red Folgers container and headed towards the back fence line. On the way, a smoke shack for clients was on the left. One person I could see, slouched over in the chair. I walked passed him not even making eye contact. Just wanted to feed my deer. As I walked back I noticed he was gone. I turned back on my radio and walked into detox.

Emily’s hair is purple. And it matched her scrubs. It was actually kind of pretty. So I let the usual joke go.

“What’s up?”

“Hey, so we got a client, he’s in room 4c, and we need to get a UDS from him but he’s totally out of it and completely hallucinating.”

I grabbed the cup and walked into room 4. It was empty. Three unmade beds and random clothes and shoes on the floor was all. As I started to walk out, a noise from the bathroom startled me.

“Hello?” I said.

I slowly walked toward the bathroom, cup in left hand, radio in right hand with my index finger lightly on the trigger.

“Hello?” I said.

My palms sweaty and my heart raced. It’s the first time I felt uneasy at work. I just felt weird. I’ve worked detox a lot, and I’ve seen a lot lives come and go. A lot of “day one’s.” Pretty roughed up. No one really has shocked me or got me thinking. Yeah I get the usual resentment because people are using and I cant, but nothing I cant work out myself.

A man suddenly popped out from behind the bathroom door. I dropped the cup and took a step back. My finger now tight on the trigger. Any type of noise at all, all staff could here.

I looked back to the room door it was shut. (This was beginning to feel like a movie!) I looked back to the bathroom, and could not believe who I saw.

Keeping it Sober,


Hey everyone, have a great sober fourth of July, and do not forget to check out my “Keeping it Sober” podcast, now available on Itunes or click on my podcast link!!

5 things to help you stay sober…

Five things that helped me stay sober in early sobriety:

One of the challenging parts of our journey in recovery is when we find ourselves “days in” sobriety. Our bodies and minds are in a physical and mental shock. We have a tornado of thoughts and emotions spinning off in our mind pushing us to take some type of action. Anything to make the unfamiliar reality we find ourselves in just go away. At this point we usually pick up and use or drink. However here are five things that I did (out of the many!) that helped me “hold on” in early sobriety.

1. Journal, which is blogging the old fashion way
2. Make the decision, not to make any decisions.
3. Do nothing. For the first time in your life, do nothing and “hold on.”
4. Stay off the phone and social media, (except for this blog!).
5. Priorities. This actually should be first on the list.

For an added bonus, here’s five more!

1. Don’t picture your life without drugs and alcohol, just picture your life.
2. Go to some type of support group, even if it kills you!
3. Make a commitment to change, because that what it’s all about!
4. Pick one person to be accountable too, preferably not your dealer!
5. Have a plan, if you don’t prepare, then you prepare to fail!

This is really good stuff! Look out later this week as I start to break down all ten things that helped me stay sober with personal stories from my own recovery!

Keeping it sober,


Keeping a journal in early sobriety can be used as a great tool later on!
Keeping a journal in early sobriety can be used as a great tool later on!

Keeping it Sober

IMG_0572[1]Hello and welcome everyone, I am so excited today! I have an amazing story to share with you! First allow me to thank everyone was has been following my blog for the past two years. I started this blog in 2013 when I got out of treatment for the third time! If anything just for therapeutic reasons of writing and journaling. However two years later still going, the time has come to make it really powerful and reach its full potential.
So a little housekeeping. Over the next week or so I will be experimenting with new themes and plugins. Probably will be transferring it over to as long as I do not lose my followers. So excuse the mess while in efforts to make something really special for all you, because I know first hand, recovery and sobriety takes a lot of hard work.
So I have so much to share about my journey in sobriety. After using and drinking for 23 years I thought my life was over, however I had no idea that my life was just beginning!
So thanks again, your following and commenting on what I share is so much appreciated! I promise you success together, not only in sobriety but in life!

Keeping it Sober,

JR Valdes.

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Random Thoughts- The Recovery Afterwards

In early sobriety, I’m talking days in, when can’t imagine life without using and drinking. Just the idea of life without,  baffles and scares us. That’s because we are imagining life without drugs and alcohol with the “addict us” in mind. As the days of sobriety slowly grow around us, we change. And eventually their is a “new us” who can’t imagine life when we used and drank.



10-1-14 Sobriety, blogging and my third cup.

So the fall breeze settles in like a jump shooter finding his rhythm on the court. Well, not really. Its still pretty hot and humid outside. The cool days will be in and out however the memories are still with me as if my last drunk and drug were yesterday. October is my favorite month as well as probably the highest risk of relapse. It is something to be concerned over but meetings and sponsor are still apart of my daily recovery so I don’t give much value to my cravings as the cool breeze hits the back of my neck making my little hairs stick out. But I am mindful.