Managing Your Thoughts With Your Smartphone

I am pretty sure my sober mind is a whole lot crazier than my addict mind. The random and racing thoughts can be very overwhelming which leads to unwanted stress which could eventually lead to relapse. I’m not sure if I will ever quiet the noise in my head or slow it down for that matter, but here is one thing I do to keep the peace.

Throughout the day, there is always stuff that hijacks my mind. And if I am not careful, it can consume me for hours. Most of the stuff is non-significant. However for some reason I entertain the ideas as if the world’s sole existence depends on it. So to get through the moment, I learned that writing that stuff down, gets it out of my mind. There is just something about grabbing that idea, pulling it away from the grasp of insanity and slapping it down on paper, that ease’s my mind enough that I do not have to think about it anymore. No paper and pen around, no problem. I created a “Weekly Thought Bucket” on my “Notes” app on my Iphone. So as fast as the “thoughts” come in, I write them down in my phone. The “Weekly Thought Bucket,” folder fills up really quick but at the end of the week I clean it out and start again. A good majority of the stuff is trashed, but there are a few things I keep and move to another folder, which you can label accordingly. For example I created another folder and called, “Blogs, ” which I simply move my blog ideas there.  If you stay consistent, you start to be able to recognize the same repetitive thoughts that have no significance and instead of writing it down on your phone, you simply dismiss the notion.

The whole idea is to clear my mind from the clutter, so I can have a clear mentality when I make daily decisions. I’m not sure if the racing and random thoughts will ever go away so learning to live around it makes life more manageable on a daily basis.

So grab your phone, create your “Weekly Thought Bucket” folder in your “Notes” app or whatever you want to title it, and clear your mind for a much easier day.


How I Stayed Sober In 2015-Newsletter

So it’s been a really great year in all aspects of my life. I started 2015 off amazing with losing 20 pounds, starting a new

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!

job and creating my first podcast and website. I also tried somethings for the first time like “drum lessons” and mountain bike trail riding with my brother-in-law. Although I’m horrible at drums, at least I gave myself the opportunity to try something I’ve always wanted to try. And for me, and hopefully you, that’s what recovery is all about, picking up where we left off!

So here are few things I learned in 2015:

  1. Not just recovery & sobriety are a process, all aspects of life is a process.
  2. Sometimes you just got to work with what you got, instead waiting for the perfect moment or thing.
  3. I stopped looking for excuses to start every little endeavor over and instead, pushed through!

A few things I accomplished:

  1. My Keeping it Sober Podcast. This was super exciting. Creating something from start to finish and have full control of the music beds, (I actually created my own intro music), content, cover art, editing, producing, promoting and seeing my product available on ITunes and about 5 other audio platforms was truly amazing!
  2. My Keeping it Sober website. I literally own about 15 different domain names, all bought with the brilliant intentions of creating the world’s next million dollar website! And it didn’t turn out that way for any of them. However, I actually completed and published on the web!
  3. I’m nearly a year and counting working at a treatment center in South Texas. This is huge for a person who is constantly changing their racing thought filled mind on what I want to do in life. And really just having that option is a true miracle!

Here a few things I did not accomplish in 2015:

  1. My manuscript, still trudging it out!
  2. My eBook, I keep changing topics and titles!
  3. My health, I gained the 20 pounds back!

Here are a few things I will accomplish in 2016:

  1. Create my first eBook, ( and I have the perfect name & story!).
  2. Start a daily routine of health & meditation, again!
  3. Provide content of true value to you, through blog and podcast.

Narrowing Down My Niche

When this entire blog and podcast started, I wasn’t sure who I was talking to and which my part of my experiences I shared, would be of true value. However today my challenge has narrowed into a more of a “learning to live sober, in an unsober world! Because that’s what happened to me. After 23 years of using and drinking, it wasn’t enough to just not drink or use, I had to learn how to live and function in today society and that’s one of my my main focus now of!

One More Quick Thing

Be looking out for my new website as well as a huge announcement coming out on January 13th!

Today looking back at 2015, I can honestly say that I have learned, experience and have grown so much in my sobriety that I can see the distance between the person that was active in drugs and alcohol to a brand new person who has let go and moved on. And that’s freakin’ exciting!

Happy Holidays,

Jaime Valdes-Keeping it Sober

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