Taming a Bi-polar Mind in Sobriety

This is my first driving to California from Texas trip. The scenery is beautiful compared to the flat San Antonio landscape. Driving through New Mexico and Arizona makes me wonder why I am living in Texas?

So I have the next two weeks off from work and spending the majority of the time in San Diego. My goal is to be there in support of my wife, and anything she needs me to do. The whole reason why we are here is because Kim is expecting and Pam will move mountains to be there for our first grandchild, which is understandable. But for a person in recovery and living with Bi-polar, sitting still seems impossible.

I am learning to tame my mind in the effort to live with Bi-polar. The mental disorder is so prevalent now that I am clean and living in sobriety. I like how it’s so clear today that drugs and alcohol were not my problem, however was the number coping skill to deal with myself.

So to balance my mind, I thought blogging about this trip would help. Not only that it gives me a change to really be mindful and present in effort to live in the moment.

Driving to Cali

Is Taking “Selfies” a Mental Disorder?

The topic in 2014 that taking “selfies” is a metal disorder, which turned out to be a hoax, is back in the search engines once again.

Reports from uncreditable websites turned up a 50/50 result as far as selfie’s or “selfitis”, which is said to be the “official mental disorder” term, showing about half of the sites say  it is a disorder, the other half say that the articles are not real. To be clear, these low-end websites are not arguing the point that “selfitis” is real, however arguing the point that their counter low-end website is spreading fake news. So after a brief click on the American Psychiatric Association website, I found no articles or evidence backing the claim that taking selfies is an official mental disorder. 

So what do you think, are selfies a mental disorder, or just healthy fun that has become apart of our American culture?

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