Tyson-Jones match-up worth every penny

I knew a Rematch was coming! By JR Valdes

The big fight was not the traditional blockbuster event Gen-Xers are use to watching. Back then, even before the “ear” incident, a Mike Tyson fight was an invitation to eat, drink, watch the fight, and then drink some more. You knew a three second fight was coming, however the excitement and anticipation leading up to the fight was what we lived for.

Photo Credit USA Today

Today my personal interest are different, not to mention our current pandemic changes the way we spend our leisure time. For starters I don’t drink or use drugs anymore. I am actually 7 years sober. I realized that activities I use to participate in back then, I do not care for today. For example barbecuing and going to the lake. I just did those things because it was an excuse to drink. Same for boxing. I never cared and still don’t care for boxing. It was just an excuse to drink back then. However, yesterday’s fight brought new perspective and possibly new family traditions.

In any other year, I would not have an interest in watching the fight. However, producers and event planners did an amazing job of providing entertainment for all generations. If you could get past Mario Lopez and the boxing ring size first impressions, you’ll find a fight card that fits everyone’s generation. I had no idea who Jake Paul was, however my 16 year-old daughter knew of the YouTube sensation. I gave a brief history on who Nate Robinson was, and had a good debate with my son-in-law about wether Robinson was worthy of three consecutive slam dunk championships, (which I say no). Endless laughter of Twitter memes, and a Snoop Dog concert that took back to my high school days, was followed by something I have not seen in awhile. A fight.

Everything for me comes down to learning to live in sobriety. That makes my reviews a little different from your traditional take. I feel Tyson flat out beat Jones, however I did mention to my wife before the announcement, “it’s going to be a draw, to set-up the rematch.” A rematch, that I do not mind paying for.