Managing Your Thoughts With Your Smartphone

I am pretty sure my sober mind is a whole lot crazier than my addict mind. The random and racing thoughts can be very overwhelming which leads to unwanted stress which could eventually lead to relapse. I’m not sure if I will ever quiet the noise in my head or slow it down for that matter, but here is one thing I do to keep the peace.

Throughout the day, there is always stuff that hijacks my mind. And if I am not careful, it can consume me for hours. Most of the stuff is non-significant. However for some reason I entertain the ideas as if the world’s sole existence depends on it. So to get through the moment, I learned that writing that stuff down, gets it out of my mind. There is just something about grabbing that idea, pulling it away from the grasp of insanity and slapping it down on paper, that ease’s my mind enough that I do not have to think about it anymore. No paper and pen around, no problem. I created a “Weekly Thought Bucket” on my “Notes” app on my Iphone. So as fast as the “thoughts” come in, I write them down in my phone. The “Weekly Thought Bucket,” folder fills up really quick but at the end of the week I clean it out and start again. A good majority of the stuff is trashed, but there are a few things I keep and move to another folder, which you can label accordingly. For example I created another folder and called, “Blogs, ” which I simply move my blog ideas there.  If you stay consistent, you start to be able to recognize the same repetitive thoughts that have no significance and instead of writing it down on your phone, you simply dismiss the notion.

The whole idea is to clear my mind from the clutter, so I can have a clear mentality when I make daily decisions. I’m not sure if the racing and random thoughts will ever go away so learning to live around it makes life more manageable on a daily basis.

So grab your phone, create your “Weekly Thought Bucket” folder in your “Notes” app or whatever you want to title it, and clear your mind for a much easier day.



I usually try to blog on Monday’s however, I’m going to be really busy this week with soccer practice, the finishing touches on a remodel job, and the daily responsibilities of a husband, father and starving writer! So, I’m gonna cheat a little to help things run smooth this week while I keep up my weekly writing habits. Which beings me too:

Is it just me, or is your attention span like way, way short. If I see more than two-hundred words on a post, I do not even bother with reading it. I think blogs should be quick, clever, interesting or informative. Pretty much the exact opposite of mine! The Internet is just so, this very second, its like I don’t have the time to read more that four or five hundred letters!

I don’t know, maybe its just me, maybe I just have nothing else to write about!