What up!!!!! (as my nine year old daughter tells me!)

I take it everyone had another grand weekend, we’re here right! It is fiesta, in my town, San Antonio, Texas. For the next 17 days or so a party, downtown and pretty much everywhere you turn. Celebrating what, Im not sure, Ive learned not to ask to many questions. People thing your cop! So I did struggle a bit Saturday. It was the famous St. Mary’s Oyster bank, (It kills me to say the name St. Mary’s…doit! I did it again, there my rival school grrrr!) which get people from all over pack themselves in a campus filled with food, beer and music! So I passed by and noticed all the happy and smiling patrons, sporting their fiesta gear and mugs. And said, why not me? why cant I go have a few beers and laughs and go home? After sulking a few minutes I got reminded. Oh, yeah, that’s it, while all the responsible people go home to their families and to work the following days, Im stuck in a hotel room, four-five days, drinking and using. Yeah, that’s why! So, well, no big deal anymore, Im here, its Monday, Im sober and still have a place to crash! Let it go, let it go, I have a good thing going here! So other big deal in my life, my book, my novel, my manuscript, my memoir however I want to call it, stalled over the weekend with me overthinking and obsessing over every little detail, has move forward this morning, which, it what its all about for me, moving forward in life, sobriety and spiritually.

Peace out homies!!!kg