Sobriety: so much more than just not drinking and using!

So at fifteen months in sobriety I finally realize that its not all about me! I’ve always felt that my disease is special. That my addiction is unique. I’ve always felt that my story is this amazing book, filled with exciting antidotes that only I lived to tell about. This amazing product that tells the secret of living sober! And, well, its not. Not even close. For the past twenty-three years it has been all about me and letting go of that mentality takes work.
Accepting that I’m not the only one living in sobriety has opened my mind more to the fellowship of my recovery and translates over to meeting new sober friends and listening to stories in recovery, not just obsessing over mine.
It feels good, not rolling my eyes in a meeting because I think my story is better than the person sharing. I’ve been humbled, and that’s a huge step forward in my sobriety.

Sobriety, no matter how you work your recovery, is so much more than just not drinking and using. Its about living sober, moving forward, and taking you life back, one breath at a time. And it takes a lot of work.