Robin Williams: Addiction, the real deal.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of actor/comedian Robin Williams. It is truly unfortunate and a great loss.
I do not know for certain the events surrounding his apparent suicide however, I did read of his current rehab visit for depression and his battle with addiction. And the most common reaction today, “Why, he had everything?”

I do not know why, and if you think wealth is everything then you might want to have a one on one with yourself later on today. And like I said I can not speak on his situation but I can share mine.

Yes I have went to war with addiction, basically that’s what my blog is all about. I have gone to treatment, twice within a six month period and I have relapsed.
The world came crashing down the first time I entered treatment. It was pretty bad. The worst day ever, easy. However the relapse, which was not as horrific, was mentally defeating. Its like getting to the Super Bowl, being a heavy favorite, then getting blown out. How do you recover from that? Very few do. It took everything I had to earn four months, I had nothing left when I relapsed. I went back to treatment because my dealer wouldn’t sell to me and I thought I could score in there.

Twenty something clean days later, I was completely miserable. I wanted to eat a bullet. And thats when I finally broke down and asked for help.

Looking back, all I did was stop using and drinking, but I didnt change anything about me. Thats why I was miserable. But once I started to change things got better. Way better. I went from thinking my life was completely over, to reaching the age of 39, and my life is merely begining!

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