9-24-14 Sobriety, Blogging and my third cup of coffee!

I am finally starting to settle down. My life has been out of sync for the past two weeks with the show, the press box and high school broadcasting. My major stress is money, however I have put everything in front of my sobriety and I am trying now to get my life aligned back with my recovery. Its easy to get distracted from your daily sobriety goals when life starts to speed up, especially if its going good. So I have to literally break my day down into little small goals, even at over 21 months sober. This second I need to brush my teeth, then wash my face, next decide on a shirt to wear. That how detailed I have to break my life down sometimes. Its also easy to forget the small yet priceless joys of life, like my daughter clinging onto my neck, my wife starting a simple conversation about whatever, Kenny, one of three dogs, jumping up on my lap, and feeding Colt from under the dining room table at dinner time. Typing my blog, in the morning after my paper route, while working on my third cup of coffee. So when my life gets crazy, with the good or bad, I break it down to the simple things and I realize once again I am truly grateful and blessed to start my day, sober.