My Five Goals for the Back-Half of 2015

Set your goals now!
Set your goals now!

The first six months of 2015 flew by! I created my podcast, started a new career, and worked hard on my family structure and sobriety. I also made hard, but good decisions, something I struggled with in the past. However, I did miss on a few things.

So I created a list of goals that can help managed the last six months of 2015 and more importantly I can go back and literally check goals off as the months pass by.

So here are 5 goals in 5 different aspects of my life, plus one extra!

  1. Career: Finish the year strong at the treatment center. Make myself an asset to the company and become a role model for the clients.
  2. Financial: Pad my bank account, no more overdrafting or sweating the pay-check to pay-check game with ten cents in my account until payday! (Also, pay-off one bill of debt!)
  3.  Marriage: Plan one mini-vacation with the wife! This one is very important. Often I lose track what really is important in my life, and forget to spend time with the person I love so much!
  4.  Podcast: I finally created one and got it on Itunes. Keep it up, don’t give up and commit to for the next 6 months, putting out a podcast that adds value to someone’s life.
  5. House: This one kills me, however I need to change out all the rusted water faucets outside my home before the winter comes and breaks them off causing a mess!

And one more goal for the road! Complete the editing of my Ebook! This one has been a goal for over 3 years, and It’s time to get serious and get it out!

I think setting small goals throughout the year is huge, especially for the people like me that are in recovery. We do need a plan, a schedule, a map…that will help and guide us on the days we are not sure what to do. And the best part, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction after actually completely are goals!

So give it a try! Pull out your journal, and write a few things down you would like to accomplish over the next six months. There’s no rules, change them, erase them, add more! Leave some of your goals here on the blog, or to get them read on the podcast send them to

Also don’t forget to listen to my latest podcast, Keeping it Sober Episode 4- The Recovery Gap. You can download it from Itunes or go to my podcast page on

Hope everyone had a great July, see you in August!

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