Start Off 2016 With Meetings!

I mean, we can say what our “new year’s resolution’s” are, or we can take action! And the first thing that comes to mind with me, is being complacent.

“Sure, I’m good, I don’t need a meeting, I mean I have a blog and podcast!”

Every relapse story I have ever heard or been apart of starts off like this:

Well, I stopped going meetings..

The first six months of recovery I went to at least 3 meetings a day. I understand. Once we get sober, life starts to happen. People trust us. They give us jobs, people come back in out lives and our schedule fills up pretty quick. And for some reason, one of the tools that got us sober, is one of the first things we blow off.

Don’t be that person!

So I came with a mini-challenge and you can join in if you want. Seven meetings in seven days. However going to a meeting you have never ever been to before counts as 2 meetings. Also, a speaker meeting counts as 2 meetings as well. This should make it easier to accomplish. Every time you go to a meeting hit me up on twitter @keepingitsober with the #KISChallenge. The seven days will end with a new challenge, and if you have any ideas yourself, I’d love to hear them!

Keeping it Sober my friends!

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J.R. Valdes

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2 thoughts on “Start Off 2016 With Meetings!”

  1. I really relate to this post. I’m just coming up to 11 years clean and I have been having a little bit of an existential crisis with recovery. I didn’t want to go to AA last night and, as I’ve got service commitments at meetings, every night this week is filled with a meeting. But meetings and 12 Step have worked for me – although I only went into rehab at the beginning of 2005 to take a few months off my using the fact is I never relapsed and have stayed clean since then. I’ve got to do a chair tonight so I need to summon up some gratitude for recovery!

    1. CongrAts on your sobriety and thanks a lot for taking the time to read and comment! Yeah, I’m not sure why I let go of one of the primary tools that keeps me sober, however I thought it be a really good idea to get back in the meeting rooms!


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