5 Days Of Treatment

I’ve been thinking about my friend a lot lately. He admitted a few weeks ago to the treatment center I work at. I’m really excited for him and for the most part he is excited to. 10

No one ever wants to really ” go to” treatment, however after five days you begin to see how great your life can really be. It’s like starting your life all over. You begin to set goals of things you want to do or always wanted to do. Like go back to school, start working-out or travel the world. And that’s exciting. You even have a great big fake smile. At least your trying right? And all of that is clearly possible. However that entire little “new and exciting life” phase, goes away. I mean, your only a week clean after years of abuse. Eventually, your body begins to ache. The reality of the real life situation you are in is just a phone call away. A couple of bad mornings is all it takes. You want to leave, not even giving yourself a chance.

I see this happen all the time, not just with my friend. And what it is I think, is that we begin to “feel’ the consequences of our actions for the past years or in some cases decades. And even if we were up to dealing with those “feelings” we wouldn’t know how. It’s always easier just to drink or use.

That’s were my friend is at right now. He doesn’t know how to deal with life, so he wants to leave. He says he’ll be fine and he knows what to do. However I know if he leaves, he’ll use again. I told him,

“so this is the part where you leave and relapse.”

You have to fight. You have to fight for your life. What sucks though, is it doesn’t matter what I say. It doesn’t matter what his counselor says. It doesn’t matter what his family says.

Addiction is the only disease which can not be treated, unless the person is ready. No one else can get you sober, but you.

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