The Dreaded Dental Appointment

So I am dreading this dental appointment I have in about half and hour. Not the actual cleaning, however just appointment itself. The office I go to always tries to get me scheduled in for this or that, and I like my Fridays free of appointments of any kind. I guess it’s still hard for me to say no, maybe a sign of codependency, or always worried that random people who I have absolutely no connection with will not like me.

I always think as well, can they tell I was an addict when they look at my teeth, or when my doctor looks up my nose on my regular check-up’s. There is always that bit of silence, during the examine when I wonder, “Can they tell, and if they can, what are they thinking?”

Remember everyone, our addiction, disease, vice or whatever you call it does not take a break for the weekend, keep doing what your doing no matter what!!

Have a good one!