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Meanwhile, Back at the Treatment Center…

It’s crazy how our story’s won’t get us sober. I work detox and admissions at addiction treatment center for those of you that do not know. It is actually the very treatment center that I went to three times in order to finally gain the thirty something months I have of sobriety. All names person’s,

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No podcast, no problem, still have time for recovery!

So no podcast today. You know we get sober and our schedule begins to fill up. Suddenly family that at one time wanted nothing to do with us, now hold responsible for daily activities that we slowly put back in our lives. The old friends are gone, they week themselves out on their own, however

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Robin Williams: Addiction, the real deal.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of actor/comedian Robin Williams. It is truly unfortunate and a great loss. I do not know for certain the events surrounding his apparent suicide however, I did read of his current rehab visit for depression and his battle with addiction. And the most common reaction today,

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